About Us


Your Business First:
We put your business first. We are a firm of business-minded lawyers, and we work daily to equip you with the right tools and services so that you can successfully run your business.

Preventive Law:
We specialize in preventive law. We help you build a proactive company that reduces risk and legal costs, over the long term.

The Golden Rule:
We live by the golden rule, and we treat others and our clients the same way we want to be treated…. with care, candor, responsiveness and respect.

Service – Oriented:
We are a service-oriented firm and give back to people in need. We are committed to serving the youth, the poor and others in dire need both in the United States and around the world.

Value – Focused:
We offer exceptional results and services for a fair market price. We are continuously considering cost effective options for your company and encouraging you to spend less, but still get optimal results.

Fogel & Potamianos LLP have two offices in Los Angeles (Headquarters) and Austin. Jerome and Constantine are the leaders that run each office. Each of them are experts in their field and have vast experience in General Counsel, Corporate Practice, Startup Advisory, Intellectual Property, Business Consulting, Leadership Consulting, Entertainment and more. Follow the link below to get to know our leadership better.


Fogel & Potamianos Give Back Program

Fogel & Potamianos gives back 3% of gross sales to non-profit organizations
that impact the United States and around the world.

Currently the two non-profit organizations we give to are Pedro Martinez Foundation, which helps children and families all throughout the US and the world, and Oasis/LA, which is passionate about reaching the city of Los Angeles.

4100 W. Alameda Ave.
Suite 300
tel: 866-268-2787

9442 Capital of TX Hwy N,
Plaza 1, Suite 500
AUSTIN, TX 78759
tel: 866-268-2787

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