Steps to Forming a Multi-Member LLC

We work with a number of entrepreneurs, companies, and visionaries. The goals and needs are different for each one of them. Yet there are a series of steps to take when forming a multi-member LLC: Step 1 Choosing the Right Entity  Below is link to a short article that explains the different types of entities….

M&A Update: Rise of “Social Due Diligence” and the “Weinstein Clause”

In the midst of a flury of M&A activity, Bloomberg is reporting that buyers are requesting additional language in the representation and warranty provisions of company purchases to protect from the headline risk and drop in value of companies associated with sexual misconduct allegations. This provision is being termed the “Weinstein Clause.” How should you…

Negotiating the Sale of Your Company-Introduction to Earn-outs

You have put years of hard work, including restless nights, into your company. And now you have an offer to purchase your company (perhaps from an international corporation with operations here in US, or a US based company looking to expand their portfolio). You have been negotiating on price with the buyer and seem to…

M&A: Anatomy of a Successful Acquisition

There is something to be learned from successful M&A acquisitions. In contrast to an earn-out strategy, Let’s look at the timeline of Disney’s acquisition of BamTech, which began in 2016: Here, we look to Disney’s 2016 10-K In fiscal 2016, [Disney] acquired a 15% interest in BAMTech, LLC (BAMTech), an entity which holds Major League…

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